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Our Story

Who we are:
Emma Lou’s Kitchen is gourmet food for dogs. Our formulas are made from scratch, are human-grade, all-natural and with no fillers or preservatives. Our formulas are completely  balanced according to the AAFCO’s protocols and standards. We use locally sourced produce here in the Pacific Northwest. All our formulas are nutritionally balanced and ideal for dogs with sensitive systems and/or Allergies. Our food is made frozen, packaged in vacuum sealed pouches and frozen.

Our formulas have been reviewed by both the Dog Food Advisor® and The Truth About Pet Food® and were given their highest rating.

What we believe:
That prevention is key and with that a healthy diet is essential to your dog’s health. We believe every dog deserves to eat real food. Food that is filled with nutrients such as leafy greens, quinoa, freshly ground flax seed, fresh locally grown produce, fresh USDA animal proteins and more. We believe that its the best way to keep dogs out of the Veterinarian’s office.

Why we do it:
Today, households treat their dogs in very much the same way that they raise children. The dog is no longer just “man’s best friend.” Now, the dog’s status has been elevated to full member of the family. If you treat your dog as a family member, isn’t it time to feed him like one?

A properly formulated diet, using the correct ingredients in proper quantities ensures the body is supplied with appropriate amounts of energy and essential nutrients that can be easily digested and absorbed. This helps the body to function properly – it allows for optimal usage of what it needs and puts less stress on vital organs.

How we do it:
Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen’s formulas are made fresh to order, frozen at our kitchen and then shipped to your home or office. We have four formulas which are all balanced according to the AAFCO nutritional profile for adult dogs.

Our four formulas:

• Beef & Quinoa

• Turkey & Quinoa

• Chicken & Quinoa

• Pork & Quinoa

What makes Emma Lou’s unlike any other:
We buy our produce from local farmers.
We use filtered water in all our recipes.
We wash our fresh produce with non toxic wash.
We pressure cook our animal proteins to ensure retained nutrients.
We buy our animal protein and produce from local butchers and farms.
We lightly steam our leafy green vegetables.
We make our food in small batches and once everything has been cooked and added, we hand mix our food.

The Story of Kristen and Emma:
Emma Lou’s Kitchen is truly a labor of love. Shortly after Kristen Zang adopted her puppy Emma, she received jarring news. Emma was diagnosed with Distemper, a condition that leaves half of the dogs affected by it having to be put to sleep. Determined to save Emma, Kristen set out to learn everything she could about dog nutrition and the pet food industry. This was around the same time that many of the pet food companies were issuing recalls.

Zang consulted veterinarians, nutritionists and other specialists while simultaneously studying the diets of most dogs. She learned that most of what was being sold at pet stores was not healthy for them. Through her research, Kristen developed homemade dog food (which is actually people food) that was compliant with the AAFCO’s recommended dietary balance among proteins, vitamins, fats and micronutrients. She began feeding Emma with it. Thanks to the health benefits of Kristen’s creation, all signs of Distemper quickly disappeared. Emma Lou lived to the ripe old age of 17!

After experiencing the joy of Emma’s restoration to excellent health, Kristen wanted to share these benefits with other dog owners. What began as a small operation out of her home in 2007, is now a rapidly growing company serving many satisfied and steadily returning customers including a large celebrity clientele. She now works in a commercial kitchen to accommodate the volume of food she’s producing, and yet maintains her personal touch by cooking everything from scratch. Kristen hopes to continue to grow Emma Lou’s Kitchen exponentially and be able to share the love with as many dogs as possible.

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