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Fresh, Real Food

Exceeding Your Standards

Nutritionally Balanced

Trust Your Dog Food Again

You want to give your dog the gift of a longer, healthier life with food you actually feel good about feeding your dog.
Dog food you can look at and see all of the ingredients, not just rock hard, highly processed pebbles.

Fresh, Balanced Dog Food, From Scratch

You’re doing everything you can to make sure your dog leads a long beautiful life. So why do you have to choose to either spend endless hours making your own dog food or facing a wall of dog food options that are only meant to fill your dog’s hunger, not their health.

Spend your time enjoying your dogs, not worried about what you’re feeding them.

A Healthier & Longer Life For Your Dog Begins in Their Bowl

You shouldn’t have to choose between convenience or gambling with your dog’s long-term health.
There’s a better way to feed your dog a longer life.

They’re Part of Your Family and Deserve the Same Care

That’s why we created Emma Lou’s Kitchen. We started by batching our own dietary balanced, AAFCO-Approved, dog food to help bring new life and healing back into Emma’s life. And it worked!

Now we create fresh dog food, from scratch, right from our family-owned kitchen in Oregon. We only create blends that are filled with clean healthy ingredients and a balanced mix of the proteins, vitamins, fats, and micronutrients that your dogs need to thrive.

Featured collection

Chicken & Quinoa


Beef & Quinoa


Turkey & Quinoa


Pork & Quinoa


What You See, Is What You Get

Fresh, Real Food

No fillers, kibble, preservatives, or false ingredient claims. Just real, hand-cut, farm to bowl foods.

Hand Cut, Not Machine

We operate out of a USDA Inspected and Licensed Kitchen and hand make everything without the machines co-packers use.

Balance, delivered

Nutritionally balanced meals that fuel vitality to the whole being of your dog, from snout to tail.



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