How it works:

Ordering is easy and your dog will love you for it! Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen’s formulas are made fresh to order, frozen at our kitchen and then shipped to your home or office in our specialty constructed insulated box packed with dry ice. Please look below at our delivery map to see if your city and state is on there.
We recommend an exclusive fresh food diet for optimal health, however feeding a fresh food diet is sometimes not in the budget and we understand that. Please fill out the questionnaire below and let us help you get them on a meal plan that works for you. For instance- mixing our formulas with a premium kibble can be a great alternative. Even the smallest amount of fresh food is better than none at all!


At the calculator you will need to
know these numbers:

Beef= 495 kcal per cup
Chicken & Turkey= 465 kcal per cup