Important changes to our shipping policy

We love feeding your fur-babies and want to be sure they never go without! We offer two options when it comes to ordering;

Option 1: Order as you go, Making sure that your order is in by 6pm PST on the sunday before the week you would like to receive the food. We will no longer be able to process orders and get them out in time unless they are made on our website before 6pm on sunday. If received after that time, they will go out on the following monday.

Option 2: Get on a auto-delivery plan. This is ideal for our customers that might have a hard time remembering to order in time, or don’t want to have to worry about it. We offer discounted shipping for our clients that are on auto-delivery. You can pause it at any time as long as its before 6pm on the sunday before you’re scheduled for a delivery. Email us at for more information. bizz