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Holiday Shipping Schedule

Happy Holidays! We're gearing up for our holiday break from Dec 20-28. Our last shipping day will be Dec 17 and we'll have very limited shipping the week of Jan 1 because of FedEx holiday schedule. Our first "normal" shipping week after we re-open will be Jan 7. To ensure that your pups stay well [...]

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FDA warning-Taurine deficiency

Recently there was a study released out of UC Davis with concern over Taurine deficiency in dogs and as a result-these dogs can develop what is known as DCM (Dilated cardiomyopathy) or an enlarged heart. We wanted to address this issue to give our customers peace of mind. This can all be traced back to [...]

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Keep the ticks away this summer

Ticks Are Back! Actually, they never really went away. There’s no complete off-season for ticks, but they can be particularly pesky in summer. This is the season to keep a close eye on your dog’s fur and take preventative measures to stop the little disease carrying monsters from infecting your pets and family members. Ticks [...]

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Order Cutoff Time/New Policy Effective 8/18/17

Important changes to our shipping policy We love feeding your fur-babies and want to be sure they never go without! We offer two options when it comes to ordering; Option 1: Order as you go, Making sure that your order is in by 6pm PST on the sunday before the week you would like to receive the food. We will no [...]

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Heartworm- Depending on where you live mosquitoes start becoming more active -- and mosquitos can transmit heartworm disease. Generally heartworm preventative medication should be given year round to prevent infection because mosquitoes thrive year round in many parts of the country.  And as our climate continues to warm mosquitoes tend to stay active longer each year. Fleas&Ticks- In [...]

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