Recently there was a study released out of UC Davis with concern over Taurine deficiency in dogs and as a result-these dogs can develop what is known as DCM (Dilated cardiomyopathy) or an enlarged heart. We wanted to address this issue to give our customers peace of mind.

This can all be traced back to when dog food companies got called out for using heavy grains in their recipes which can cause many health issues. Then the grain-free craze started. So in turn, these same companies started using legume, chick-peas and potato as their main ingredients instead of grains. Sadly, a vast majority of grain-free dry pet foods out there contain little or no real muscle meat, and instead use cheaper substitutes like meat by-products. These companies don’t use bioavailable muscle meat which is what contains all those necessary amino acids in order to keep dogs hearts healthy. The bottom line? Taurine is what your dogs body makes from the amino acids found in muscle meat. They need muscle meat in order to stay healthy.

We do use green beans and sweet potato in our formulas but they don’t even come close to being a first ingredient. Muscle meat is the first ingredient in all of our formulas. And we use a lot of it. Thats why when you open up a packet of Emma Lou’s, meat is what you mostly see.

We don’t use any fillers. Every ingredient in our formulas are there for a specific purpose. Green beans and sweet potato are not the enemy, we promise. They provide a lot of nutrients essential to keeping our formulas completely balanced and your doggos healthy. The problem is when these things are used as the first ingredient!

To avoid a Taurine deficiency- what you want to look for on your dog foods label are two very important things

A. The Methionine-Cystine and

B. The Phenylalanine-Tyrosine.

Methionine-Cystine should be 0.65% or higher and Phenylalanine-Tyrosine should be 0.74% or higher. This is according to the AAFCO profiles for adult maintenance. All of our formulas not only meet these numbers but exceed them.

Please note-there are certain breeds that have a predisposition to being Taurine deficient. If you suspect yours may be one of them, please consult your veterinarian. In some cases a Taurine supplement will be recommended.

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