No. Even though Emma Lou’s uses the absolute best quality animal protein with no added hormones, we don’t believe that animal protein should ever be fed raw. Produce even if certified organic can never compare to the quality of meat of the animal a canine would naturally catch in the wild. However, a lot of our veggies in our recipes are steam cooked such as our green beans, broccoli, etc. We also include completely raw ingredients such as flax seed powder, parsley and apple, etc
When you call or email us we will ask you a series of questions. We will tell you what we recommend based on breed, weight and any health issues or allergies your dog might have.
Our customers have reported improvement in dogs with Anxiety, Weight Problems, Mucous and Slobber, Snoring, Dehydration, Fatigue, Coarse Coat, Tear Stains, Digestive Issues, Coprophagia, Excessive Shedding, Tumors, Flatulence and more.
No. While cooked chicken and rice is better for them than commercial dog food, it is not a balanced diet. Our food meets and exceeds the AAFCO nutritional profile for dogs which is essential to their health.
Kristen Zang, head chef and Servsafe certified food handler and her trusted team of cooks who are also Servsafe certified food handlers.
Let us know in the consultation what his food sensitivities are and we will modify or change any of our formulas to suit your dogs dietary needs.
Yes. Our food, unlike a lot of commercial dog food, has an exact caloric count which means you can monitor your dogs caloric intake exactly.
Because our food needs to shipped with at least 12 packets all together to remain cool during shipment. If the minimum amount isn’t met, then the fee is for the extra dry ice we have to add to compensate.
All orders leave our kitchen on Mondays as long as they’re placed by the Sunday before. Our kitchen is located in zone 1 so every zone after 1 is one day in transit. For example: for someone located in zone 5, their order goes out on Monday, they’ll receive it on Wednesday.


All three of our formulas are grain-free. The part of the quinoa plant that we eat is the seed — it’s not a grain. It grows from a plant in the goosefoot family, which also produces edibles such as chard and spinach. So although we treat it like a grain, it is not in fact a grain.
To calculate how much your dog should eat, please go to

Enter in your dog’s information

In the box where it asks for calories, enter kcal/cup
Turkey formula- enter 465
Chicken formula- enter 465
Beef formula- enter 495

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